Josephine Celeste: Shaman/Soul Doctor of Twin Flames

  • Guiding and coaching you into discovering your unique possibilities.
  • Where anything is possible
  • With over 25 years of experience.
  • Clearing negative karmic blocks, attachments, patterns, beliefs.
  • Aligning you to your souls life purpose.
  • Shaman/Soul doctor of Twin Flames.
  • Viabrational healer, as that's what we as Twin Flames are vibration.

Are you wanting the greatest love?

As Twin flames we are unlimited in what we would like to achieve, beginning with love.

Each twin flame path, personality, as well as your soul life purpose is unique.


This also means our karmic lessons.


Do you have blocks, repetitive patterns? The relationship you will attract is a reflection of where your frequency is at.


We are soul-based, so depending on where your frequency is at is what you will attract not only in love but all areas of your life.



Josephine Celeste

Shaman/Soul Doctor of Twin Flames




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